The content marketing sector in India is projected to grow by over 16% between 2022 and 2027, driven by the surge in social media users.

Effective Digital Marketing content yields significant business benefits, Let’s explore how to formulate these Content Marketing Strategies:

  • Prioritise Peer-Reviewed Content

PwC’s Global Consumer Insights Pulse Survey revealed Indian youth’s strong engagement with peer-reviewed content, impacts their brand preferences. Influencer-backed promotions including video advertising sway their purchasing decisions whereas older demographics show less interest in influencer-driven content marketing.
Partnering with influencers for product promotion works well for the youth, while value-centric digital marketing content suits the older demographic.

  • Boost Online Visibility

Indian buyers extensively research brands online, evaluating attributes, prices, and outcomes. Positive online sentiments increase the likelihood of buying. To capitalize, companies should conduct keyword research and share valuable digital marketing content on platforms such as Quora and Reddit.

  • Use Customer-Centric Keywords

Keywords hold significance in B2B content strategy and for end-users alike. Tailoring content involves identifying the audience and studying preferences. Extract customer-centric keywords from this research and integrate them into digital marketing content.

  • Use Vernacular Languages

An effective strategy is promoting content in regional languages across India. Craft blogs, social media posts, and marketing video in vernacular languages for broader audience engagement.

The influence of Indian culture significantly shapes content marketing patterns in the Indian market. Brands tailor their digital marketing content to align with the cultural preferences of their target audience. Furthermore, consumers are more inclined to buy from businesses whose content promotion strategies resonate with their values and convictions.

Localized content, provided in the local language, is a highly effective marketing strategy in India for the following reasons:

  • Facilitates market entry by enhancing engagement and communication with the local audience.
  • Reaches a broader demographic in India, including non-English speakers, making brand messages more accessible.
  • Drives a competitive advantage by attracting a larger audience through localization.
  • Increases lead generation and revenue.